Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AT for the Kitchen

Do you know someone who loves to cook and is limited by mobility in the kitchen?

Do you love to cook and want to make kitchen tasks easier on yourself?

Here are a few ideas for some kitchen AT that can help make you and your loved one's time in the kitchen more pleasant.
      E-Z Open Grip Claw
  •     This little device can be helpful for those who have limited flexibility in their hands or wrists. It can be used for hard-to-open jars and containers, and even door knobs.

a yellow plastic gripper shaped like a large duck bill that your fingers go into
Juvo E-Z Open Grip Claw

       Good Grips Utensils
  •    These utensils are adjustable and easy to grip. And, the knife can be useful for those with limited upper-body strength, because it is designed to allow cutting with minimal force.

spoon, fork and knife all with large easy to grip rubber bases
Good Grips Utensils

         Cookbook Holder
  •     If you love to try new recipes, a cookbook holder can be a great low-tech addition to your kitchen. It can also be helpful for those with limited upper-body strength, or for people who move with the assistance of a mobility device.

acrylic large stand to hold your cookbook open on the counter
Acrylic Cookbook Holder

         Folding Pan Holder
  •     This device keeps a pan from turning while you are mixing or sautéing on a stovetop. It is adjustable and can hold a pan up to two quarts.

with suction cups that attach to stove top this metal device keeps the pan handle from moving
Folding Pan Holder

         Select-A-Spice Carousel
  •     This is a spice rack that can store, measure, and dispense up to 12 of your go-to spices. If measuring out spices takes longer than you’d like, this could make things easier for you. It has a dial which gives out a selected spice, ¼ teaspoon at a time. It also features labels for 55 spices and a clear window for each container, so you’ll always know what you’re dispensing.

Satin Pro Select-A-Spice Carousel by KitchenArt

         Talking Digital Scale
  •    This scale might be a good addition to your kitchen if you are unable to read the weight of your food items. The scale will read items’ weights aloud and has a feature which will turn it off automatically after a few minutes of non-use. 

Talking Digital Scale

Have you found any useful AT for the kitchen? Share it with us in the comment box below.

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