Friday, December 10, 2010

8 Online Resources for Student Transition

Thank you to AT Program News for sharing the resources below:

1. Teacher Resource Guide on Transition

PDF download from the Wisconsin AT Initiative (WATI)

2. Student Resource Guide on Transition

3. Questions to Ask Colleges about AT Resources
LD Online Web page

4. Preparing for College: An Online Tutorial (for students with disabilities)
DO-IT Web page

5. Healthy and Ready to Work National Resource Center
Transition to work resources

6. Family Information Guide to Assistive Technology and Transition
Family Center on Technology and Disability Web page

7. Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Transition QIAT Web page

8. Students: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities US DOE Office of Civil Rights Web page for students with disabilities preparing for postsecondary education.

Do you have any student transition resources you would like to share? Please feel free to comment on the resources above or share other resources in the space below.

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