Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Paralympics Winter 2014

Are you ready for the Winter PARALYMPICS 2014?!

For the first time ever, the Paralympics (Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016) will receive an unprecedented 116 hours of coverage in the U.S.

picture of logo for sochi paraylmpics three swirls red blue and green
Starting on March 7th, 2014 with the Opening Ceremony, NBC and NBCSN will provide coverage on all of the Paralympic sports in the Sochi, Russia program.  

Also unprecedented, NBC and NBCSN will stream all events live from March 7th - 16th.  Just click on this link to bookmark and watch them:

There will be 692 athletes competing in six different sports:  Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, Cross-country skiing, Sled hockey, Wheelchair curling, and Biathlon. The U.S. Team is comprised of 58 men, 22 women, and six visual guides.  

picture of michelle in snow with her snowboard. She is a right leg amputee and is wearing a prostetic leg.
Michelle Salt - Canadian Paralympic Athlete
“We are absolutely delighted to announce this two-Games agreement with NBC... as it provides more airtime of the Paralympics than ever before in the U.S.,” said Sir Phillip Craven, president of the IPC (International Paralympic Committee). “Following the success of London 2012, we said it was absolutely essential for the growth of the Paralympic Movement and the Paralympic Games that in future years U.S audiences had a greater opportunity to watch some of the world’s best elite athletes in action. This is tremendous news for sports fans, too, many of which will be able to watch a Paralympic Games live for the first time. I am sure they will be as the billions around the world who tuned into London 2012 last summer.”

picture of josh sweeney on  the ice playing sled hockey with the puck and two shorter hockey sticks
Josh Sweeney - USA Sled Hockey Team
Be sure to show your support for televising these exciting events by watching the Paralympic Games this year!

Also,  you can follow the path of the Paralympics torch by clicking here.   

Which Paralympic sport are you most excited to see? 

Share your answer in the comment section below and be sure to show your Paralympics spirit by tuning in and cheering on your favorite teams and sports.

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