Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Xbox Video Controller for Individuals With Limited Hand Mobility

by Rachel Anderson, Program Coordinator

Luis had always loved playing video games. However, in 2007, he was in an accident and became a quadriplegic.

Speaking in regards to video games, Luis felt passionate that being able to play video games again was an important part of his independence that he strongly desired.

"I need to learn how to play this, get back to playing this..I needed some interaction," Luis told Steve Krafft, of FOX 10 News.

Luis became determined to figure out a way that he could play video games again - and that he did!  He invented a more accessible Xbox video game controller and started his own company so that others could game as well. His controller can be used by people with limited mobility in their hand and/or arms.

"The RT which are the trigger buttons are right here," explained Peña  as he demonstrates the newly designed controller.  "...The bumper buttons are in the center so all the buttons that remote has for the Xbox are right here and then, in my chin stick."

The buttons are very sensitive and only need to be lightly touched to work.  The controller includes an oversize joystick and a chin stick for up and down movements.   Luis can now play video games with his new device just like he used to, and, it is an impressive controller that can work for many different people.  Check out his demonstration and gaming in this video:

Luis's company is called LP Accessible Technologies and although to date they have only sold about twenty of these controllers so far,  Luis says he's not in this for the money.

"I am not after the dollar signs.  I am about helping other guys."
The LP pad costs $399.  Luis hopes as he manufactures more of them, he can bring the price down.

Check out Luis's company's website for more information.

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