Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The AT Network is on YouTube!

by Rosemarie Punzalan, CFILC’s Web Accessibility & Training Specialist

The AT Network held a variety of trainings, vendor forums, virtual brown bags and other meetings. They were recorded on a webinar platform such as Talking Communities or Elluminate Blackboard Collaborate, which required you to download a small plug-in the first time you use the software. Due to some organizations that have firewall to prevent a user with limited permissions like downloading a web start plug-in (Java is an example) not being able to access the AT Network’s Archived Webinars can be frustrating. For the first time, the AT Network Training Program has completed its portion training pilot project and that is making some of the recorded webinars available on a few social media web sites like AT Blog, Facebook, and YouTube. These resources can be viewed on a variety of platforms including mobile devices like an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Motorola Xoom, etc.

The following recorded webinars are now available on AT Network’s AT Blog, Facebook, and YouTube Channel:

Please note: the above webinars with live captioning were recorded. We tried our very best to edit the video and its captioning for social media purposes. We apologize in advance for the captioning delay.

To stay up to date with AT Network’s Training Program I highly encourage you to subscribe to our social media resources:
We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of the AT Network’s Training Program. As a valued AT Network Member how you rate our trainings, vendor forums, virtual brown bags and other meetings helps us determine what trainings you would like to see in the future.

What would you like to learn about assistive technology in 2012?


  1. This is great! Now I can watch trainings on my mobile device.

  2. good topic