Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Show Us Your AT!

By Allan Friedman, CFILC's Technologies Manager

Most of us tend to think about big things in AT--communication devices, wheelchairs, ramps, iPads, computer screenreaders. But it's the little things, low-tech improvisations, that often mean the most to users of assistive technology. Whether it's taping a stick to a hair brush to extend one's reach or hanging a pull cord on a door knob, simple devices that people fashion for themselves tend to be extremely useful and valued.

Necessity is the mother of invention and people with disabilities, especially those with limited incomes and resources, are always inventing solutions for themselves. We'd like to share those  solutions with others. By sharing our creativity we can inspire others and perhaps provide a bright idea for someone who is stymied by their limitations.

We'd like you to share your AT solutions with us so we can share them with others via the AT Network website. If you've got a favorite gadget or device that you have put together and depend on, write us at feedback@atnet.org and tell us about it. Better yet, send pictures! We will share your ideas by posting them in the "How to Succeed with AT" section of our website. Together we'll show people that creativity and AT go hand in hand when it comes to providing functional solutions to functional needs.

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