Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Develop an AT Funding Strategy

By Kim Cantrell, CFILC’s Director of Programs

Finding funding for AT can be tricky. If you aren’t able to fund the device you want right away, don’t despair. It’s just time to get creative and develop an AT Funding Strategy. You are much more likely to get the device you need if you have a plan. In fact, while developing a funding strategy you may learn about a variety of AT options that you didn't know existed before you started. The process will help you think about a variety of issues including the purpose of the device, how often you will use it, the environment in which it will be used and your abilities.

Click here to check out the AT Network website for step-by-step instructions describing how you can create a funding strategy. The AT Network website offers information explaining how AT may be funded by California's Regional Centers, Medi-Cal and Medicare.  

Also, if you or someone you know needs assistive technology, we encourage you to contact the AT Network’s Information and Referral specialist at 1-800-390-2699 or info@atnet.org to learn about additional funding resources.

Have you been successful in your search for assistive technology funding? What funding barriers have you encountered? Please let us know in the comment box below. 

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