Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Enjoy the wonderful world of Disney through Assistive Technology!

Summer time is a great time to take trips and visit new places. Read one Disney aficionado’s review below of the assistive technology features at Disney World. Disney is planning to unveil the same audio description technology at Disneyland Resort in California in 2011.
Sample Disney’s new theme park outdoor audio description assistive technology
by Ricky Brigante
On June 27, Walt Disney World began a new advancement in assistive technology allowing guests with visual disabilities to “see” theme park surroundings by way of highly-detailed audio description.
The descriptions are delivered to guests by way of Disney’s patented handheld device (pictured above), which has been in use at the Walt Disney World resort for several years. In addition to providing closed captioning and assistive listening for rides, shows, and other attractions, the device is now being updated to include the important and interesting information about outdoor theme park areas.
Read the rest of the article here Inside the MAGIC!
Have any of you visited a theme park that used Assistive Technology to make the park accessible? If so which ones? What was your experience?

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